Indian Creek Christian Church





The Indian Creek Christian Church was planted in 1803 under the influence of Barton W. Stone. The church was organized as one of the original members of the Springfield Presbytery. After only nine short months, the presbytery dissolved itself so that its churches could exist as “Christians only.” The “Christians” at Indian Creek first met in the Endicott Meeting House. The church, at that time, was commonly referred to as the “Christian Church that meets in the Endicott Meeting House” or the “Christian Church that meets near Indian Creek.”


New Meeting House


1971 Education Wing


In 1842, the “Christians” formally started calling themselves “Indian Creek Christian Church.”  In 1852, they erected a permanent meeting house on the property in which the present building is located (across the street from the Endicott Meeting House).


In 1908, Indian Creek Christian Church erected a new “Brick Meeting House.” The cornerstone was laid on May 17 and the building was dedicated on November 1. The cost for the new meeting house was $6,850 plus $2,000 for the furnishings.


In 1971 Indian Creek Christian Church finished a new education wing. A second education wing and fellowship hall was finished in 1986. 


On October 9, 2005, Indian Creek Christian Church dedicated a new $2.5 million Family Life Center.  Services have been regularly held there ever since.  Today, Indian Creek exists as the oldest independent Christian Church of the American Restoration Movement. Though we celebrate our past, we look forward to seeing how God will use His church at Indian Creek.

Brick Meeting House

Indian Creek Campus