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To request a change to the prayer list, please call the office (859)-234-5223 or email

Susan Ammerman*

James Ammerman*

Chester Aubrey*

Michael Bargo II*

Jonathan Barnes*

Doris Bills

Ann Marie Blythe*

Amy Box & family*

Patricia Broughton*

Mitch Casey*

Ricky Dennie

Diana Doran*

Joyce Douglas*

David Doyle*

Wayne Dunn*

Dykes Family*

Lori Feltz*

Christian Ford*

Brenda Friedly*

Donald Fryman*

Travis Gains*

Ellie Geuther*

Missy Giles*

Maritta Gramme*

Eva Green*

Ted Hafley*

Amy Henson

Kaleb Hill*

Seth Hobbs*

Diane Kinney

Kim Coy-Kinney

Amanda Lovelace*

Kate Mathis*

Joy McCurry*

Alaina Moore*

Janice Moore

Jared Moore*

Linda Moore*

Kay Moss*

Deanna Murdock

Blake Neace*

Amanda Perry

Frank Poteet*

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